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lll▷ OCTANITE Testimonials


Following are some of the testimonials received from our customers:

As you know I got upset last year awaiting so long for your product to arrive in Mexico, I know it was not your fault, but happy with the purchase. I will much probably order some more in a few months time.
Gracias amigos :-))

Since I introduced your Octanite pellets in my old 1968 Ford Fairlane, which was fatigued, I want to confirm that I'm happy with my purchase. After just a couple of months it looks like the engine is running better. I'll let you know more in a few months. Thanks!
J. Asher
Cleveland, USA

Thank you very much for detailed information regarding my order, and your kind way of doing business. I will visit your web site.
I studied chemistry and know how catalysts work but then, it's difficult to tell it to "non-believers" LOL!
eBay Buyer

Popped into the tank, will probably outlast vehicle.
eBay.co.uk Buyer
United Kingdom

After our meeting in November at EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan and using the OCTANITE Metal Catalyst Pellets you supplied me, I am pleased to confirm that my motorcycle is already running better after only about 900 km of fitting them in the fuel tank and the unsolved holes in the carburation I told you about seem to have reduced a lot and nearly disappeared too. Wow ! I'll keep you updated. Cheers!
M. Lievers
Zwolle, Netherlands

We have over 200 cars that run on unleaded petrol and 80% of the fleet mounts Octanite catalyst. After 50,000 miles, we can confirm that this accessory works and makes us save both on fuel and on the reduced engine maintenance.
William Humphreys - General Manager of a private company
United Kingdom

After only two weeks from having inserted Octanite catalyst  in the tank of my scooter it seems that the climbs are no longer a problem and my "fifty" is invigorated. My friends are intrigued...
Matteo Schiavone

Octanite really keeps its promises. My car and my motorcycle thank you... :-)
Darrell Simmons
United Kingdom

I thought it was a con. After more than 20 years working as a motorcycle mechanic I wanted to give a try to OCTANITE catalyst and my clients who have installed it in the tanks of their bikes are thankful for my "discovery" of this wonderful economical and ecological product.
Federico M.
Tuscany - Italy

I have to say that I am impressed with the results since fitting Octanite on my 20+ years old Triumph motorcycle a few months ago. More mileage per litre (around 10% increase), better starts and incredible to say less noice coming through the crankcase. Would definitely recommend.
Hamysh Walker

I have fitted Octanite catalyst on all my vehicles and proud to say that my decision to invest some money is paying me off. In Ukraine our petrol needs some "assistance" to make its job properly and your product seems to be perfect for my need. Fuel consumption is also lower now. I will soon buy more for resale.
Фома Дубинин

I was sceptical about the whole thing, but I followed the advice of a friend of mine who had bought them from you over a year ago. I ordered two sets of 5 Octanite pellets for a total of 10 pcs. that I dropped straight in the tank of my diesel  tractor and I am already experiencing a reduction in fuel for the same working hours as before. So, it works! I will soon order for other machinery I have in my farm.
G. Maes

Bought these for my Bikes, Great product, Great results. Really impressed. Thanks
eBay Buyer
United Kingdom

I bought your metal catalysts with a certain amount of reservation, so I was amazed and surprised at how well they really do work. I put them in the tank of my classic 1000cc motorcycle and after just a few hundreds miles it really smoothed out the ride. It's rare to find a product that performs as advertised but yours is one of the best. Congratulations!
J O'Mahony

After a few days since using OCTANITE metal catalysts I already notice the difference.
eBay Buyer
United Kingdom

Just to let you know, we did get to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan and return to Copenhagen in 25 days with our 25 years old Renault 9! We have experienced all kinds of problems such as punctured radiator, faulty alternator, breaking a wheel and numerous punctures. The engine, however, has worked very well with OCTANITE whereas we used low-quality gasoline also in Russia and Kazakhstan from 80 octane, traveling at an average of 80 kmh. Thanks to your product that we are now recommending to everyone we know. Thanks again.
Bertram F. Krogh

Due to my job I am away from home several months a year. On my return I almost always had problems starting the engine of my beloved classic Jaguar that stands still unused for long periods. Having long since entered Octanite metal catalyst in the tank, I can confirm that I seem to have forgotten the problems I had in the past at the restart of the engine. I therefore have no more issues with stale fuel that probably was the cause of the above problem.
Charles K. Summers

At first I was quite disappointed that I could not see any difference between before and after fitting Octanite catalyst on the fuel line of my van. I just had to be a little more patient. Sorry. After some months (never really counting the miles travelled), I now seem to save a few pounds every time I fill up at the petrol station and the engine seems to run smoother. I cannot think of anything else except that your product is now doing its job.
Brooke Pritchard

What a surprise for me to have found your product on internet. Since using Octanite catalyst in my BMW R100 I do not buy additives for unleaded green benzin anymore and the motorbike is running perfect without holes in the carburation anymore. I will order another product for my car too.
Markus Krause

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