lll▷ OCTANITE FUEL STABILIZER Fitting Instructions

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lll▷ OCTANITE FUEL STABILIZER Fitting Instructions

How it works



To be fitted directly into the fuel tank

Before inserting in the fuel tank the netted element containing the OCTANITE catalysing pellets, please check the following:

  • The engine must operate normally - Check spark plugs, the ignition system, carburettor or injection.
  • Make a fuel consumption test before the fitting in order to make a comparison after some time. (Visible effect normally after about 1.500-2.000 km).


1. Insertion into the tank through the fuel filler pipe - Make sure there are no factors that might prevent the insertion, through an eventual flexible plastic tube. If you find green light, drop in the filler pipe the element containing the metal pellets. Equally advisable is to wire it up with a thread in case you encounter difficulties.

2. Direct entry into the fuel tank - In the case of easily accessible tanks, as in the case of motorcycles, scooters, trucks, ski jets, small generators, etc. deep-drop directly in the tank the element containing the metal pellets. Make sure that the tank is not very full to avoid fuel spillage.

3. Insertion in the car tank through the fuel indicator device - This device is not always located above the tank. If it is above, it may be located either under the platform of the rear seat or in the car boot, it depends on the vehicle. In some vehicles, the device is located laterally at the bottom of the tank, and in such case will be necessary to wait that the fuel level is at a minimum so it can be removed and then obviously re-fitted once you have done the job.


After the first 2.500 km, it is advisable to check the minimum on carburetted engines. After this distance it is equally recommendable to change the engine oil (of any vehicle) which can become very dirty because OCTANITE removes carbon deposits from the engine.

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