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Where is OCTANITE produced?
OCTANITE is produced only and exclusively in England.

Does it contain magnets?
No. Octanite metal catalyst does not contain magnets.

What kind of fuel savings can I get?
To calculate the actual fuel savings is a very complex and sophisticated process and not for everyone. In general, the fuel savings achieved after the first 2.000 km from the installation of OCTANITE catalyst is between 8 and 16% depending on the type of fuel used, the condition of the engine and the driving mode.

How quickly can I see the first benefits?
When OCTANITE is put in the tank of a 50cc scooter you can note immediately after its installation that the engine works more linear and tackles the climbs with greater vigor. In a "superbike" instead, even though the product has the same benefits, it is much more difficult to notice the difference in a short time because of the engine size and the relative power.

How long after the other benefits?
For a medium-large car or motorcycle engine the beneficial effects can start to be seen after the first 1.500-2.000 km from the installation of the product and the necessary and recommended oil change after about 2.500 km journey. On large diesel vehicles such as trucks and buses they are noticed after the first 4-5.000 km - Everything else will be a general savings on fuel consumption and reduced maintenance that the engine will require in the future, as well as all other benefits as listed on this site.

Is it difficult to fit?
Absolutely not. In the case of motorcycles, trucks, lawnmowers, etc. and wherever possible, just open the fuel tank (reservoir) cap and immerse in it the element containing the OCTANITE catalyst. If desired, you can wire it to a wire to possibly remove it from the tank. In all other cases, (as with some cars) might be necessary to insert it in the tank through the fuel indicator device - Please see our "Fitting instructions" for this.

Does it really maintain unaltered the properties of the fuel left unused in the tank?
Sure. When you leave an engine unused for months with fuel in the tank (See the case of classic vehicles), at the reuse, the engine becomes hard or impossible to start because in the meantime the fuel has degraded and gone stale. How to avoid this? Before leaving the motor unused for an extended period of time, just dip OCTANITE catalyst into the tank and the problem will be a thing of the past.

What 's the difference between OCTANITE and liquid octane boosters commonly sold in stores?
The boosters highly advertised by big brands, belong mostly to the same oil companies that create pollution with the fuel itself, they are quite expensive and need to be re-purchased when the product ends. OCTANITE instead  is totally environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, non-flammable, prevents the fuel from going stale, requires only one purchase and lasts up to 400.000 km

What problems can occur using unleaded fuel in an engine born to use leaded fuel?
The most dangerous phenomenon for the engine components is the detonation, caused by the difference in the number of octane present in the two fuels. Unleaded fuel has lower octanes than leaded and is not suitable for engines designed to normally operate with the leaded. The problem is resolved by installing OCTANITE catalyst and there will be no more need to add any chemical additives to unleaded fuel.

Are there any side effects?
Absolutely not. There is no side effect of any kind, not in the long neither in the short period. OCTANITE catalyst does not enter anything in the fuel, but merely alters its structure and provides to get a better atomization of the hydrocarbon molecules for a better combustion.

Does it work with diesel engines?
Yes. OCTANITE works with diesel, gasoline and gasoline mixture.

Does it require maintenance?
The cleantech OCTANITE catalyst does not require any maintenance once immersed in the tank or the device installed on the fuel line between the engine and the fuel tank. You must then just enjoy the magic of the beneficial effects that this catalyst produces.

How long does it last?
OCTANITE catalyst lasts up to 400.000 km or 10 years (or the equivalent 5.000 marine hours and the same in small generators). It surely is a safe and long-term investment for your engine.

Can I use other additives in addition to OCTANITE catalyst?
We do not recommend the use any additive in conjunction with the use of OCTANITE.

What is it not able to do?
OCTANITE can not solve existing mechanical or electrical problems, and cannot guarantee that there will be none in the future (although it can reduce engine wear). In addition there are obvious limits to what it can do, for example, it cannot turn a family car in a Formula 1 racing car. It simply improves for many years the fuel efficiency, keeping the engine clean at a modest lump sum cost.

Is OCTANITE ok on new car or motorcycle?
Yes. In fact, it is highly recommended because prevention is better than cure, therefore it is vital to maintain the new engine clean. By installing OCTANITE catalyst immediately on your new vehicle, will also increase the mileage on normal consumption of gasoline or diesel, which in many cases, exceed the consumption reported by the manufacturer's specifications.

Really OCTANITE comes with (3) three months warranty?
Very true. OCTANITE catalyst comes with (3) months  "Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee". If within three months of purchase you are not happy with the product just send it back to us and we will refund your money. No questions asked.

How is the product sent?
Immediately after receiving your order, the product is despatched with ROYAL MAIL.

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